Monday, March 9, 2009


9th March 2009,
Antrim - Northern Ireland

Sapper Patrick Azimka - 21 from Wood Green in London
Sapper Mark Quinsey - 23 from Birmingham

These two British soldiers were killed outside the Massereene army base in Northern Ireland, when they were collecting pizzas during their off-duty. This brutal attack by gunmen of real IRA took place on Saturday night near Antrim, 15 miles northwest of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Irish Republican Army(IRA) took responsible for its attack on two British soldiers . During this attack, four people including two pizza delivery men were heavily injured.

Chief Brigadier George Norton of Northern Ireland Army paid tribute to these British soldiers and condemned this shooting as "callous and clinical". He stated that they were magnificent soldiers of British army and we mourn their loss. These soldiers were off-duty and they were unarmed in desert combats dress to deploy overseas. He also said, we were shocked and angered due to this brutal attack on soldiers. These soldiers were gunned an hour ago at barracks in Northern Ireland as they were about to fly to Afghanistan.

For more details regarding this attack - visit here

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